Our Adventures







Idaho Horse Expo by Jan Gibson

Well it goes without saying we had  rip snortin' bangup time at this years IDAHO HORSE EXPO!  Place: Nampa, Idaho  Date: April 13-15th, 2018

Carita de Oro with owner John Garro, trainer Lawrance Valdez, Jan Gibson (drill team) & helpers

The crowd was in for a treat when the Paso Finos performed and also competed in the Breed Challenge. Our Spanish Drill Team was asked to perform both Saturday afternoon and at the 'Evening Show' that night. We were colorfully decked out in red & black Spanish looking attire and black hats topped with a red rose. The entire drill was done in gait and in close formation for the most part....we are the only gaited drill team in Northwest, so folks found us interesting and fascinating....yipeeee!!

Lawrance Valdez represented our wonderful breed all three days - he and his partner, John Garro, set up a colorful booth with appropriate banners, flyers, etc. and Lawrance held a clinic in the main arena each day assisted by various Paso riders on their horses or his.  He also participated in the Breed Challenge riding the wonderful mare, Carita de Oro and competing against eleven other breeds. He placed in final four Friday night and then at the finals Sunday, he took home the winning honors and dollars!

All in all, the Paso Fino was well represented, with folks gathering around us before & after demos and coming by the booth to visit, ask questions, pick up information and coloring books.

A good time was had by all, no injuries to rider or horse, and everyone had a 'Paso' grin on their face...love it!!!


Novella of my mini-adventure, by Dianna Jones

Dianna and Padre

I took Padre and my little pop-up camper and went to Bend this weekend.  Left Thurs, came home on Monday.  I camped in my friend Tessa's field.    Right out Tessa's (practically) front door is the "Badlands".  Preface this with, the weather was beautiful.  Not HOT.  You never go in the Badlands if it is hot.  So Friday we went about 1/2 a mile from Tessa's house to access the trail head; an easy 9 mile loop.
Saturday we trailered to a site called Horse Butte near Bend; another easy 10 mile loop.
Now, the reason I went to Tessa's (besides I was going stir crazy with the rain and no place to ride over here) was because she is trying out a new horse.  To replace the 10 year old white Arab gelding she lost this winter to a shoulder injury and then laminitis.
The new horse is an awesome mustang -- off the range over by the Steens Mountains. (Now not to confuse the issue -- but there are probably NO real mustangs in the wild.  They are all feral horses, of indiscriminate breeding, this boy looks like he's got a lot of Thoroughbred in him )  This horse was purchased as a long yearling off a round up about 9 years ago.  The people who had him, old cow boy and man he did a good job with him -- did lots of trail riding and packing back in.  So just a really nice well rounded horse.
I mention this because on our Sunday ride, (another girl friend came up from Sisters with her 24 year old white Arab gelding) we left Tessa's about 3 pm.  Just doing another short 9 mile loop.  EXCEPT -- Tessa lost the trail, and then kept back tracking.  I saw the same crooked juniper at least 4 times!!! Lynn (our friend from Sisters) could see Horse Butte off in the distance -- which meant hwy. 20 was over there, somewhere.
After roughly 25 miles - the majority of which was NOT on any sort of trail, but picking our way through Lava rock and sand, we could finally see Hwy. 20.  When we got there at almost 10 pm, Tessa used my phone to call her husband to bring their 3 horse trailer and pick us up.
Of course, Tessa's husband was just livid with worry.  She had not left a note -- why would she, short 9 mile loop.  Plus both of these ladies are long time endurance riders. (so realistically they should know better) BUT, Lynn had not brought a coat - so luckily I gave her one before we set out on the ride. Also Lynn had not brought water.  But Tessa had an extra water.  Neither of them had their cell phones and neither of them brought their GPS.
I, on the other hand (was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a wind proof cami-vest), I had water, at least 2 trail bars - a leatherman tool,  3 space blankets, vet wrap, triple antibiotic cream, a butane lighter and a head-lamp. Also stuffed in a stuff bag behind the cantle I had a Patagonia wind/weather proof jacket.  So, I wasn't starving and I was certainly warm.
So, that was this week ends adventure in as short a novella as I could make it.

2016 Annual Meeting Nehalem Bay, Sept 30-Oct 8

The Annual meeting was held on October 1, 2016 at 2pm.  The weather did not cooperate on Sept 30, so our meeting, potluck, silent auction and raffle were postponed.  Those attending the meeting were, Suzy Gray, Margo Mittge, Pat Baker, Cookie Troxel, Tracey Heil and family, Michelle Gregory and family, Jan Gibson, Kim Thorpe, Linda Snider, Neila Whitney, Paul and Jan Zito, Christie Hartin and Linda Holzer.

Several members went home earlier and did not attend although they were present for our trail ride on Saturday before the heavy rain started and caused the postponement of the scheduled meeting.


We elected new Board members:  Becky Maier, President and Lotte Hermannsson, Treasurer.  Jan Gibson was reelected for Member at Large.  Michelle Gregory volunteered to take on the remaining year of the Secretary position vacated by Becky Maier.  She also volunteered to become our Logo Wear Specialist. 


After the meeting, silent auction and raffle, we enjoyed a fabulous potluck.  Everyone brought something yummy and the club provided BBQ chicken cooked by Paul Zito and myself.  The raffle was a 50/50 with tickets costing $5 each.  The winner…. Jan Zito with total winnings of $53.50.  Congratulations Jan, although she admitted it was Paul’s $5 that bought the ticket.


Our NWPFHA group occupied 14 of the 17 campsites.  We are hardy souls to put up with the daily deluge of Oregon Coast weather.  We managed to get in a trail ride EVERY DAY, but also managed to spend a lot of time wet and soggy.  The horses took it all in stride; the riders complained a bit but all in all, we had a wonderful time.  Seven of us remained until Thursday, even though we had planned on staying until Saturday.  Nothing but rain in the future, no breaks in between, made the decision for all of us to just finally give up and go home…….to more rain, UGH. 


Riding on the beach and through the dunes is such a wonderful experience.  I’d suggest earlier in the year if we go again next year but nothing can take away from the experience of charging up, over and through the dunes, through the tall grass, to the beach.  The horses were hesitant to get their feet wet, darn waves kept chasing them just when they began to get comfortable.  All eventually went into the water and really seemed to enjoy a fast largo on the hard sand.  Some of the riders also took a dip but they remain unnamed unless they mention it themselves!


To all that participated, thank you!  Without all of you, we would not have a Northwest Paso Fino Horse Association.  You are what makes it work, makes it fun and makes us want to keep coming back.

Linda Holzer,                                                                                                                    President


News from Southern Idaho from Jan Gibson, our Member at Large....the double pointed Utah show was a complete success for Sandy Young and Lawrance Valdez-both did very well and brought back to Idaho a number of ribbons, etc.

Especially rewarding was the fun of showing their aged stallions, Mejor and Solo...the boys haven't forgotten how to show 'big' when in the ring.

Also,the Southern Comfort drill team from here, all Pasos, performed for the audience on Saturday and California & Oregon were well represented by Yvette Trevorrow and Faye Seppala, with Faye doing a demo with her trote-galope.....they will have to supply details!


Mid March 2016 ride in the back country of Utah by Jan Gibson

Mid-March..I'm sick of winter so I drag Sunny out of the pasture, say 'kid, we'll be sore together, so let's do it'!
Loaded up and ready to go....and I was off to Utah for a week of riding with Jan Stark in the canyon lands near St. George and also her place near Richfield. John Garro and Lawrance Valdez joined us a few days later - they couldn't stand us having all the fun! The trails were fantastic...little cacti & carpets of wildflowers blooming, the sky so blue and the red/golden rock formations all around us, with snow-capped mountains in the distance. Five days of fun we had and then back to the real world....

Jan and Sunny in the St. George area

Jan on Sunny and Lawrance on his new stallion Cantinflas

Heading down into Kolob Canyon

All is green here in Southern Idaho...the crops and fields are being irrigated, the birds are going crazy finding a place to nest and the horses are shedding faster than one can groom it off. The Idaho Horse Expo is coming up with the Paso Fino well represented, especially on Saturday when we demo our breed and also do a drill, both in the afternoon and for the evening performance, Lawrance Valdez will have a booth and be a clinician, in addition to being in the Breed Challenge....info and schedule can be gotten at: Idaho Horse Expo or Idaho Horse Council websites


NWPFHA Annual Meeting, September 5-7, 2015

Washington State Horse Park, Cle Elum, Washington

Most of us arrived sometime Friday, unloaded our horses and settled into our campsites.  Those attending were, Jan and Paul Zito, Jim and Patricia McKinney, Mariann Deering, Teri Solina, Jayne Lindeman, Christie Hartin, Linda Holzer, Jan Gibson, Neila Whitney and Kathleen and Brook Philippsborn and their friend Debbie.

Saturday morning at 9:30 we began our “FUN SHOW” and I think all would agree it was FUN!

Jim and Montana

Bruce Reed Memorial Pleasure Class

1st Jim McKinney                                                                                                                  2nd Paul Zito                                                                                                                           3rd Jan Gibson                                                                                                                       4th Patricia McKinney                                                                                                              5th Jan Zito

Paul and Mio

Country Pleasure – Required dismount/remount

1st Paul Zito                                                                                                                           2nd Jim McKinney                                                                                                                  3rd Patricia McKinney                                                                                                            4th Jan Zito                                                                                                                              5th Jayne Lindeman                                                                                                               6th Jan Gibson

Jan and Goober

Western Pleasure – Required Canter

1st Patricia McKinney                                                                                                                 2nd Jan Zito                                                                                                                            3rd Jayne Lindeman                                                                                                               4th Jan Gibson

Patricia and Starina

Champagne Class – It got a little crazy with all the “reverse”, “reverse”, “reverse”.  Too many smooth horses!

Jan 1st, Jim 2nd Champagne Class

1st Jan Gibson…..Prize was a bottle of champagne which she shared                              2nd Jim McKinney…..Prize was Martinelli’s sparkling Cider

Ribbon Ride Winners Kathleen & Patricia

Ribbon Ride…. (Toilet paper)

1st The team of Kathleen Philippsborn and Patricia McKinney                                             Prize was, you guessed it, Toilet Paper!

Mariann & Chiqua

Pole Bending

1st Mariann Deering on Chiqua (T&G) 32.47  (complete with flying lead changes)                 2nd Paul Zito on Mio  34.98                                                                                                    3rd Jan Gibson on Contessa 35.70                                                                                       4th Patricia McKinney on Starina 38.15                                                                                 5th Terri Solina on Toro  39.0                                                                                                 6th Kathleen Philippsborn on Ava

LUNCH BREAK-Jim McKinney Demo

Jim at Demo

2:30  POKER CHALLENGE- $10 entry fee/winner splits the pot

The Poker Challenge consisted of 7 stations.  Riders were asked to “try” and complete the task while on the horse.  Anyone trying the task received a card, regardless of whether or not they were able to complete it.

Poker Anyone?

The tasks were:                                                                                                                      1.  Throw a dart at a board covered in cards.  You get the card where your dart lands.

2.  Cross a tarp

3.  Potato Stab, stab 3 potatoes on the ground using a pole with a nail at the end.  Deposit potatoes in a bucket.

4.  Pole Bending, timed event, best time received an extra card.

5.  Spin to Win, spin the dial on the board, receive the card where the pointer lands.

6.  2 Figure 8’s around the cones carrying a flag

7.  Pull a Raincoat off the fence, place on the horse’s neck for 5 seconds, replace the raincoat on the fence.

Everyone was a winner just for accomplishing each task but here are the standings:

1st Place Poker Hand:  Terri Solina, Straight 2-6, (Pole time: 13.98)         Prize:  $40             2nd Kathleen Philippsborne, 3 of a Kind, 4’s (pole time: 18.11)                                             3rd Jan Gibson, 2 pair, Aces over Queens (Best Pole time: 13.70)                                      4th Neila Whitney, 2 pair, Queens over 6’s (pole time: 33.05)                                               5th  Jayne Lindeman, 2 pair, Jacks over 7’s (pole time:17.23)                                             6th Mariann Deering, 1 pair Queens (pole time:14.95)                                                        Jim McKinney, no poker hand (pole time 17.55)                                                           Patricia McKinney, no poker hand (pole time 15.46)

6:00 Potluck

Christie Hartin made fabulous pulled pork and coleslaw for the main course.  Everyone brought something to share so you know the food was amazing.

7:00 Annual Meeting/raffle/silent auction

Get your raffle tickets here!!

We raffled off a set of poles again this year (slightly used all day for the games), made and donated again by Frank Holzer,  Kathleen Philippsborn won the poles.  We also had a "split the pot" raffle won by Mariann Deering.  There were many silent auction items to choose from.  Thank you all that donated items.

Patricia, Vice President
Linda, President
Christie, Treasurer

Minutes of the Annual Meeting will be posted as soon as they are approved.

Sunday, 10:00 Scavenger Hunt on the trail/$10 entry fee/split the pot

Our Sunday we woke up to cold rain so some of us went to town for brunch at the Mexican Restaurant.  Wonderful food and margaritas, of course.

When you go to brunch, pick up your big girl panties and drive a REAL TRUCK!
Christie, Jayne, Linda, Jan G, Mariann at the wheel.

Jan G, Jayne, Christie & Mariann. (Linda taking picture)

The weather cleared around 2:00 so most of us grabbed the Scavenger Hunt list and off we went to find the items, have a beautiful trail ride and just relax.  Our thanks to Patricia McKinney for making up a challenging list and for hiding objects on the trial for us to find.  It was a kick to find things, must of which were on the list but not planted by Patricia.  I thought I was so smart finding the bandana, when in truth she didn’t plant it all.  She was thinking that we should have a bandana with us when riding.  Or, that beautiful green bottle I found, something green and a can or bottle was on the list.  I just knew she planted that one….nope!

We ended with a three way tie for first place between Neila Whitney, Terri Solina and Jim McKinney (no he didn’t help plant the stuff), with each only  missing one item.  First place was to split the pot but we had two other prizes for second and third.  They decided between them who got which prize.  All were happy, no fighting!

That night, we all got together and had our own potluck with steaks on the barby and lots of wonderful foods to choose from.

Neila dressed for a cold evening dinner.

Monday:  Sleep, ride, play, ride, eat, drink, ride, etc.

We enjoyed another beautiful day of trail riding, taking pictures, crossing water, practicing on the obstacle course and enjoying the company of friends.

Mariann & Alborada

Christie & Pilsen on a trail ride

Linda getting Alfie into the water

Jan and Contessa enjoying the fall colors

Jan & Jayne

Linda & Jayne

Terri & Toro

In the afternoon we had “Ride a Trote Y Galope” in the area by the barns.  Mariann and Christie graciously invited us to ride their fabulous horses.  Not the smooth ride of the Paso Fino many were expecting but exciting beyond belief.  Thanks ladies, another bucket list item crossed of the list for many of us.

Christie with Pilsen, Sissy & Chiqua

Jan and Sissy

Jayne & Sissy

Linda and Chiqua

I think this year we had another successful Annual Meeting enjoyed by all attending.  Next year’s meeting will be held at Nehalem Bay Horse Camp on the Oregon Coast.  Trail riding on the beach!  Mark your calendars for the weekend (or week) beginning September 9, 2016.  More information will be coming soon.  NWPFHA will make reservations in a block so be thinking about how long you can stay.  Believe me, a weekend isn’t enough!  Hope to see you there!!

Linda Holzer


Nehalem Bay, Oregon Coast, August 3-9, 2015

YIPPEEEE.....What a blast our campout trip to Nehalem Bay was. We all arrived safe, got horses unloaded & settled, hugged each other, looked around and said " wow, are we glad we came - this is great".

Jan Gibson, John and Lawrance


Alfie sees moving water for the first time

A ride down the beach at Nehalem Bay

Jan Gibson

And fun it was for almost a full week with beautiful weather, rides every day participating with our wonderful Pasos in the whole 'beach' experience. There were many sandy trails to ride on the 'bay' side (hoping to see the resident deer/elk) with quieter wind & water to allow first time equine ocean goers a chance to acclimate. The actual dunes are fairly high with grasses waving, and muting the sound of the ocean.....until you hit the top & start plunging down to the beach.....then the roar, and the sea breeze and the beautiful coastline view where one can ride for miles absorbing it all in.

Adriane & FRED the mule

Linda and Alferez

Paul! Look up, I'm taking your picture!

Jan Zito

NWPFHA members attending were: Jan and Paul Zito & daughter Adriane - Linda Holzer - Jan Gibson, plus soon to be members John Garro & Lawrance Valdez, plus several members of the Southern Comfort Gaited Horse club from Southern Idaho.

Jan, Linda, Lawrence, John & Sue

Zito's at Nehalem Bay

Of course, food & drink was plentiful with much sharing.....a special thanks to Paul for those divine shrimp kabobs one evening and to everyone who took and shared their pictures!

Shrimp Kabobs and fresh zucchini



Mt. Hood

Combine the beauty of the Mt. Hood Recreation area with good friends and horses and what do you get?  A great time, lots of laughs, fabulous scenery, great trails, lakes and the desire to do it again soon!

Terri and Mariann

Lunch stop at Timothy Lake



Christie and Pilsen

Northwest participants this year were, Mariann Deering, with Wendy, Tony, Cindy and Rick, Linda Holzer, Christie and Taylor Hartin, Neila Whitney, Terri Solina, Patricia and Jim McKinney, Carol and Verle Steele and Fay and Dennis Seppala.



Jim McKinney



Fay and Taylor

Mariann at Timothy Lake

Our thanks to Patricia and Jim McKinney for organizing our camp out again this year and putting together a really challenging  “trail” scavenger hunt on horseback and providing great prizes.  The club even made a little money with our small entry fee. Special thanks to our “cooks”, Jim McKinney and Verle Steele, for cooking the main course for the potluck on Saturday night. 

The Cooks




Dennis waiting for dinner

Mariann and Linda

A great time was had by all. Can't wait until next year!!!


Gentlemen On Horseback-June 2015

The small GOH sign near the camp kitchen said “Gentlemen of the Realm”. Really, a make shift campground alongside a dirt road with 3 dozen or so guys, young and old, is now a realm?

My wife’s American Heritage Publishing college (circa 1969) dictionary defines a realm as: 1.) A kingdom. 2.) Any field, sphere, or province. Further defined, from the Latin regimen, a system of government, or some more from the Latin regere to lead straight, guide, rule.

So can these guys (gentlemen) lay any claim to the mantle of a realm? I am not sure.

The only spoken and somewhat official rule appears to be “no women in camp”, hardly much of a qualification for governing, leading, guiding, or ruling any kingdom given that somewhere around half the world’s human population are women. And, who knows, who could be just up or down the trail from camp? Which, by the way, I’ve observed no even remote hint of in my 2 years of riding with the realm. 

This campground has a bunch of new and old trucks, campers, motor homes, trailers, tents, tarps, parked along a wide spot of the road leading up Stafford Creek, a tributary of the North Fork Teanaway River in central Washington. High lines and assorted portable electric corrals all close or next to their truck & trailer hold all manner of equine breeds, most seemingly content to be here, but still curious of who else is around. GOH which is also known to some as Gentlemen On Horseback has been conducting such rides on or around Father’s Day for nearly 70 years in various other places around the Pacific Northwest.

If one were to observe a GOH ride long enough, about all it would indicate is that they eat meals together, talk and laugh around the meal and campfire a lot, some nights have live music performed, and the next morning almost everyone rides out in various directions on their chosen breed of equine, and then they do it all over again another day. Some stay a day or two, some stay all week. Some years the trails selected provide a pretty good pucker factor, some not so much, but the ride is important, although not mandatory; remember the notion of, no, or very few rules in this realm.

Sure, there is a designated “trail boss”. So far in 7 decades there have been just 6 of them so designated, and others among them are called ‘ride leaders’ for a day or so. Beyond that all come and go pretty much as one pleases without much, if any, fanfare. No bylaws, no mission statement, no dues, no written protocols, no procedures, aside from the one afore mentioned rule.

Well actually though, it doesn’t seem like very long before you realize there might well be some other unspoken rules. Like everybody (equines included) deserves courtesy and respect (excepting liberal circumstances of jest), and, watch out and care for others along the trail wherever it leads. Pretty simple, but seems to work just fine.

The realm though certainly does call to mind the quote of Winston Churchill, that “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” So true. We are all sojourners, whatever our path, whatever we ride; myself, I really do prefer my Paso Fino. Other riders will opine differently, but politely.

One night GOH 2015 T-shirts materialize and are passed out that are printed on the back with “life is good & we are oommm”-Wiley. Pretty well sums up the attitude and demeanor of this realm.

And, just to be certain that the one spoken GOH rule really doesn’t rule out too much, the ladies ride, where wife, and family, or girlfriends are welcome will happen pretty much in the same way (realm), somewhere later in the fall. All really are welcome, check it out.  Ride with us in the realm.


Dwight C. Opp, June 21, 2015


MACKAY IDAHO by Jan Gibson, June 2015

Mackay Rodeo Parade

Mackay is located in a long pastoral valley nestled close to the Lost River Range with Mt. Borah jutting into the clouds at almost 13,000 ft. (tallest in Idaho). Our Spanish drill team members were very excited to be participating & performing at their annual parade & rodeo....we (8 of us) were practically given the keys to the town..not only did the group lead off in the parade, but our flag bearers did the Grand Entry with the Stars & Stripes waving merrily above the Pasos doing their wonderful corto. Our drill (after the calf scramble) was a hit as lots of folks had never seen Pasos before (we're in quarter horse country here), let alone all gaiting in unison, and even though we weren't 'perfect', we were enthusiastically received....what a great time!!

Jan Gibson

Whew, with that over, we were off into the surrounding mountains the next day on a trail ride to Iron Bog Lake, fed by snow pack that was in crevices close to & around us....spectacular vistas of several mountain ranges, including the Sawtooths, and I could imagine looking over them and down into Sun Valley. This is a 'must come back & camp' place...now, I just have to work it into the fast flying by summer days somewhere......ummmm

Jan Gibson and Susan Browning
Iron Bog Lake


Watch the Spanish Horse Drill Team, part of the Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club, practicing their drill for an upcoming expo.  Several of our Northwest members are members of this horse club in Southern Idaho.                                                                                                  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ERxCFEK-YxY&feature=youtu.be



Pictured is Sue Lipke and myself on the Condie Meadows ride with GWPFHA & Backcountry Horsemen in Rush Valley, Utah.

March 29, 2015.  Greetings from Jan Gibson, Member at Large.

Great trip to Utah last week doing rides from just out of Salt Lake, to St.George, near Arizona border. There is lots of space & places to ride in Utah & spectacular scenery. I was a 2 night guest of Judi Bradbury in Rush Valley - she invited several guests (GW members) one night for libations & snacks & a wonderful Mexican buffet out on their deck.....lots of 'horsey' conversation and laughs and I enjoyed reconnection with some folks I hadn't seen in awhile....much fun had by all, and many thanks to Judi & her husband, Brad.

Jan Gibson with Janice Stark in St. George.

Then stayed several days at Janice Stark's near Monroe, Utah where we did rides near her place and then one day was spent in St. George enjoying the 74 degree weather. Most of the trails we rode are not for a novice rider, but there are many trails down there with well-defined, easy trails. Janice & I love to leave a trail at some point, & take off cross country through sagebrush, washes, etc. & then hook up to another trail in the distance.

Near Monroe on or last day of riding before I (too soon)headed back to So.Idaho. It is always such a pleasure to stay with Janice & Mike - they are great folks!


 Annual Membership Meeting September 13-14, 2014

Washington State Horse Park

“Fun & Games” was the theme for this years’ Annual Meeting.  In the spring we sent a questionnaire to our membership asking what topics/events you would like to see in the coming year.  We had an overwhelming response to trail rides, fun shows  and games.  So, for the Annual Meeting, that’s what we did.

Cookie, Pat, sue, Emily, Michelle, Jim & Patricia
(missing, Mary, Brittney & Fay)


The Washington State Horse Park was the perfect venue for us.  It offered trail riding in over 600 acres of wooded terrain with well marked trails as well as a beautiful arena where we could have our fun show and play games.  We all arrived sometime Friday and began our planned events early Saturday morning.  We started with the “Nervous Nellie” class and focused on the rider and show etiquette, attire, passing, using the sounding board, lining up, etc.   Many in the class had never been to a show but were interested in learning.

We followed with the Bruce Reed Memorial Pleasure class.  We had ten participants and focused on the horse in this class.  Marilynn Baker said a few words about Bruce before we presented the ribbons.  Jim McKinney told us that he was wearing Bruce’s hat, a gift from Betty Reed at Bruce’s memorial service.  Bruce will be remembered as a great horseman and a good friend.  He is missed.

Country Pleasure, in addition to showing the horses’ gait, the rider was asked to dismount, check tack and remount on the opposite side.  We allowed a mounting block without penalty.

Western Pleasure, again we talked about attire, Brittney Fugier-Velazquez even changed clothes and tack to show what is proper for Western Pleasure.  This class also asked for the lope, all on a loose rein.

Michelle & Sue
Champagne Class Winners

In between the fun show classes we had a Champagne Class, who could have the most left in their glass after many starts, stops, reverses, corto, largo……….riding with one hand was a challenge for some.  The champagne class offered Champagne or Martinelli’s sparkling cider as the prize.  Michelle Gregory was the winner and chose the cider, second was Sue Williams who rode away with a bottle of champagne and a big smile on her face.

We had the Egg & Spoon class, carrying a raw egg.  This was way too easy for some.  Everyone had fun with this one as the egg was RAW and nobody wanted a broken raw egg to land on them.  A few were out right away but the last two, Sue Williams and Jim McKinney, had to be timed around the poles, neither one ever dropping their egg.  Amazing riding.  Sue won by a few seconds and got herself the prize of a dozen eggs.

Emily & Sue
Winners of the Ribbon Ride

Then the “Ribbon Ride”, each rider had one end of a strip of toilet paper.  Last pair still holding the paper won.  Again, much too easy for some pairs.  Next time, the judge will choose the pairs!!  The Ribbon Ride (toilet paper),  winners were Sue and Emily Williams, second Mary Schoenheit and Brittney Fugier-Velazquez.  Prize????? Six pack of T Paper!!

Brittney & Mary
Second Place Ribbon Ride

We finished the morning with the Largo Race.  Go as fast as you can without breaking gait.  Each rider had a “spotter” to keep things honest.  They were flying!!  The Largo Race had several participants, all wanting the prize of a NWPFHA sweat shirt.  Jim McKinney was the big winner……by a mile as they say in the racing industry!!

The fun show classes had ribbon placement to sixth place.  I wish I could say who won what, but I’m not that good of a judge I guess because I didn’t write it down.  I will say, every class, without exception was almost impossible to judge because every rider handled their horse with patience and respect to the horse.  All were exceptional riders with well trained horses.  Fay was riding her beautiful three year old show horse, Califa, and did an amazing job even though he got a little excited with all the other horses.  Sue and Emily Williams, our new members, had never participated in a Paso Fino Show so all was new to them.  They obviously have participated in many other types of events as their horses were perfect partners with each other and could do the poles and the lope like professionals.  By the way, together they left with six roles of toilet paper, a dozen eggs, a bottle of champagne and a sweatshirt….way to go girls!!

After our lunch break we returned to the arena for our Poker Challenge.  Again we had nine participants and seven challenging stations to receive your poker card.  Each rider had to throw a dart at a dart board, cross a tarp, stab three potatoes with a sharp stick and get them into a bucket, pole bending (fastest time got an extra card), spin to win, two figure 8’s around the cones, and remove the raincoat from the fence, place it on the horse for 5 seconds and replace the raincoat.  Thanks to help manning the stations by Jan & Paul Zito and Marilynn & David Baker, we managed to get everyone through every station in less than two hours.  The winner with four Kings, our new member Emily Williams.  Congratulations Emily, your NWPFHA sweat shirt is on the way.

Brittney, Mary, Michelle & Linda
Trail Ride

Later that afternoon we enjoyed a trail ride getting back just in time to bring over our Potluck dishes and get our silent auctions items out on the tables.  We had lots of participation in the auction and raffle of the poles we used for our poker challenge (donated once again by Frank Holzer).  The dinner was fabulous with all the varieties of goodies brought by the membership and a big thank you to Dennis Seppala who slaved all day over a hot stove to bring us the most delicious pulled pork.  Yummy!!!

I love horse camping!!!

We had no lighting in our “tent” for the dinner and the meeting so we moved it quickly along before we were sitting in the dark.  Marilynn Baker filled us in on what’s been going on for the last year, membership, treasurer report (Gail was unable to attend) and thanked all who had worked so hard to support her efforts as President this past two years.  Fay spoke about the Oregon State Fair and the Annual Meeting.  Linda gave a brief Delegates Report.  Paul Zito, nominating committee chair, gave the results of our BOD election.

President:  Linda Holzer                                                                                                     Vice President:  Patricia McKinney                                                                           Secretary:  Becky Maier                                                                                            Treasurer:  Christie Hartin                                                                                               Member at Large:  Jan Gibson                                                                                              National Delegate:  Linda Holzer

Sunday, the park was ours for trail riding.  Many went out early and then left for home.  Mary, Brittney and I stayed another night so we could enjoy an evening trail ride.  It was nice to relax and enjoy the day with our horse and good friends.

Thank you to all that attended making this one of the best Annual Membership Meetings in recent history.

Attendees with horses:                                                                                                         Fay Seppala                                                                                                                         Pat Baker                                                                                                                           Cookie Troxel                                                                                                                      Mary Schoenheit                                                                                                                    Brittney Fugier-Velazquez                                                                                              Michelle Gregory                                                                                                                       Linda Holzer                                                                                                                       Emily Williams                                                                                                                     Sue Williams                                                                                                                  Patricia McKinney                                                                                                                 Jim McKinney

Supporting cast:

Marilynn and David Baker, Jan and Paul Zito, Dennis Seppala

I think a good time was had by all and most of us would like to return to the Washing State Horse Park for another event.

Linda Holzer


Annual Joe Graham Camp Out, July 2014 by Patricia McKinney

Neila Whitney on Maximo

The annual camp out and trail ride at Joe Graham Horse Camp this year was short...very short. I arrived Friday, and Neila Whitney was already there and set up. After getting set up and having a nice snack we took a short ride Thursday night around a small lake. Friday we took a lovely 5 1/2 hour ride from camp to the Warm Springs River. As we got closer to camp, we started to see a lot of helicopters fishing water out of the lake, which seemed odd since as far as we knew we were a long way from any fires. When we got back to camp we were told by others there that we were in evacuation mode, be prepared to leave upon notice. The copters were coming over one after the other, at times showering us with a fine cool mist. Mariann Deering had also arrived and was out on a ride. When she returned we all decided the smartest thing to do was leave and head over to Liz Reed's in Colton. The road out to the highway was closed, so a long, windy, dirty ride on gravel roads ensued.

View from our camp site (note the helicopter)

We all arrived at Liz Reed's where she graciously gave all of us stalls for our horses, plus welcomed some people from the camp that Mariann met and told to come along. We had a nice time in the evening chatting and relaxing. It was exciting and not exactly the weekend we had planned but it was indeed an adventure.

Chopper carrying water to the fire.


Nehalem Bay, Oregon  By Jan Gibson  July 2014

It had been a long drive Thurs.to get to Nehalem Bay and I was soooo looking forward to Friday & the 'first' ride on the beach....I went up, over the sand dune and saw this...a perfectly awesome,  experience on that perfect July 11th....enjoy!


Jan on Sunny (Paso), John on Teton (T.Walker)


John Franden on Teton, Anne Martin on Rosie, Sue Baughman on Fancy

Susan on Keno, Jan on Sunny

The horses had a good trip, but were tired from 9 1/2 hrs. on the road.....the campsite, corrals, etc. were very nice, clean, etc. w/water faucet close by...

Sunny & Keno enroute from LaGrand to Nehalem Bay

Individual Horse Camp Sites

Riders: Susan Browning, sue Baughman, Anne & Dave Martin, John Franden and Jan Gibson


Canyon Lands by Jan Gibson

Jan and Sunny

June, 2014 Southern Utah Canyon Lands trip - after several months of planning via phone calls & e-mails, five 'Paso' people rendezvoused in Panguitch, Utah for a week of riding the spectacular Canyon Lands directly west of Bryce Canyon. We all stayed at an RV park close to town and kept our horses at the local fair grounds. Each day was a different ride, which we had to trailer to, with a drive time of about half to one hour. Our riders included Janice Stark & Mike Lindley of Utah and Lawrance Valdez, John Garro and myself from Idaho. Talk about a blast!

Medicine Hat

Jan Gibson, Lawrance Valdez, John Garro

First of all, the rides were to die for and secondly, John (being an ex-restaurant owner/chef) had volunteered to shop for AND cook each evening meal.....we'd died & gone to heaven!! Our actual rides were about 3-5 hrs; the Butch Cassidy trail, the Thunder Mountain trail and so on.... Snacks, water and phones/cameras were tucked into saddle bags and we were off!  Some of the terrain was fairly easy, but most of it was a pretty good challenge with steep sand/shale trails, traversing across tops (I hate heights) and down to sandy/rocky ravines, sometimes with small still-running streams.

Janice Stark and Mike Lindley

I hate heights!!!

A couple of the days were topped off with a trip into town for ice cream cones & shopping, etc. Panguitch is a delightful little (busy) town with friendly folks. Accommodations for man & horse were great....and very reasonable.

Lawrance goofing around on Chenille (he does exhibitions w/her @ expos, etc.)

I cannot say enough about all of our horses....they are tough, agile and ever-ready to go forward for however long...

SHADE!! Jan and Sunny


Beautiful Landscapes

My heart was in my mouth about half the time....most of this ride was straight down on either side/with bunches of switchbacks.....fantastic panoramic views!!

Jan Gibson, Bryce Canyon



Hailey Konze
Patricia McKinney
Sister's Parade 2014

Looks like a great parade and the Paso Finos were well represented.


A note from Jan Gibson March 2014:

“I would very much like to see the President’s Message from the February 2014 Paso Fino Horse World Magazine printed on the NWPFHA website....I think Lee has said it all."

"To me, keeping the PFHA alive & well is very important.  PFHA has helped me with tracking down registrations on imported horses & horses I have acquired through rescue, etc.  Also, how handy, to be able to look back at multiple generations on my registered Pasos, bring up family history, show points and other information.  Also, at least 3-4 times a year someone will ask me (usually new to breed) how they can get information on their new horse, or how to look up a horse they are thinking of buying or how to register a new horse.  I always send them to the PFHA website for assistance on any questions they may have."

"I can't imagine not having the PFHA.  It would be like not having my AQHA membership.”

Jan Gibson, Idaho

Thank you for your request Jan, please click on the link below to see the President’s Message.

President Letter Feb 2014


Washington State Horse Expo 2014, Submitted by Becky Maier

I recently attended the Washington State Horse Expo near Vancouver, Washington. Being from Montana, this involved a bit of a trek for me. We reserved a “partner” hotel and arrived at the Expo as it opened at noon on Friday, Feb 14.

I had printed the agenda for all 3 days and had made tough choices as the expo had 4 active arenas or pens going at all times. I also knew that I wanted to take some time to wander through the multitude of vendors and information booths there. Some of the clinicians that I was excited to see were Craig Cameron, Richard Shrake, Steve Rother and Larry Whitesell. These were all big names that I don’t think I have ever seen in western Montana. The agenda was chockful of 1-hour sessions by these and other clinicians and demonstrations.

When we first got there, I decided to survey the vendors and get a general feel for what was going on and where everything was located. It was a horse trailer Lookey-loo extravaganza with horse trailer vendors in all 4 corners of the expo hall. Everything from basic to Ooo-la-la well appointed trailers. Chevy trucks were also there offering  what you needed to pull your new trailer.

There was an amazing assortment of vendors. I was disappointed that I did not see more tack (i.e. saddles) there. There were vendors with saddle pads and lots of “bling” bridles and halters. There were several feed vendors as well.

One of the very interesting items I saw was a new horseshoe called PonyW’air This is a synthetic shoe that is 3 times lighter than steel, flexes and works with your horses hoof. “PonyW’air® shoes are made from an inert, closed cell material that is FDA approved safe. This is a urethane material that is the same hardness as a hoof, will not absorb bio matter, and yet provides support to the frog and sole relief to your horse’s hoof.” They also have 2 very small traction studs built into the toe for security on asphalt. I was impressed with what I saw and I am seriously going to be looking into these as a possibility for my horses. You can check out their site at www.ponywair.com if you think these might be something you are interested in looking at.

I met and spoke with Richard Shrake, Rick Brighton and Larry Whitesell while they were manning their booths. All were great to speak with and later watch as they did their demos. Larry has a clinic coming up at June 22-24 in Albany, Oregon (signup at http://www.damawesome.com).

While I was there, I also ran into fellow NWPFHA members Marilyn Bunnell and Nancy Koski. I had planned on meeting Michelle Gregory, but circumstances prevented us from getting together.

I was disappointed to not see Paso Fino’s showcased. It would have been wonderful to see Paso’s in the Equine Extravaganza on Saturday Night. I understand that there will be Paso representation at the Albany Expo in March.

Overall, it was an interesting time and I learned from some of the best, found some very intriguing products to research further and hauled home a bagful of literature to review.

Your Montana Representative and Secretary,
Becky Maier



Remembering the Divine Miss Em

If we have horses in our lives long enough, most of us will come to the day when the decision has to be made; the decision to end the life of our beloved horse.  Whether it’s because of illness, age or accident, the decision is a difficult one. That time has come for me and my girl. 

Flying M Esmeralda, I call her Emmy, was and is the most beautiful horse I had ever seen.  She’s regal, has amazing hock action, Fino’s in place in the pasture and was my dream horse.  Coming from a 40 year break between horses, and knowing nothing about Paso Finos, my heart was bigger than my brain when choosing her.  She is a Cappuccino daughter.  What could go wrong?.  At the age of 8 she had only been a brood mare.  In fact, when I bought her, she was about to give birth to her third beautiful colt.  Regalo de la Noche.  Once he was weaned, we began the slow process of starting her under saddle.  I was boarding with a Paso trainer. What could go wrong?.  When it was finally my time to ride her, Emmy decided THAT was a bad idea and did the “hi ho Silver”, I flew indelicately into the barn wall and broke three ribs.  So…….let’s rethink this. 

Three years later, she’s spent the time in between doing ground work and just looking pretty, I sent her and her son to a very famous trainer in Florida for six months.  I was hoping to pick up a Champion Fino Mare.  Instead I was told:  “Leenda, chee is dee smoothest horse I’ve ever reeden, would probably win in dee cho ring, but chee no hab da mind for dhat”  WHAT?  So I gave her to my daughter to ride , but after getting swept off the saddle by a low branch, twice, that was enough for her too.  You see, Emmy gets that look in her eye, that “bring it on bitch” look (she swears).  “Go ahead, ride me.  We’ll see who gives up first”.  She always won.  Her philosophy, as far as I could read it anyway, was “I want to be a mama and live on the hill and boss all the other mares and babies around.  That’s my job and I’m good at it.  Stop trying to make me something I’m not”

She’s the boss of my little herd of four.  She’s also the Watch Horse.  She is ever vigilant, always on alert for the others, those that run wild and free in our forest.  When I take her best friend Duque out to ride, she paces and calls the whole time he’s gone, even when we’re gone for hours.  Then, when he returns, he gets the what-for from her.  She stamps her front foot and squeals at him and shows him her butt.  “You bastard, where have you been? (she swears)  You let her ride you didn’t you?  I can tell by the saddle marks on your back that you did!  I’ll never forgive you”.  Poor Duque, he drops his head and blinks his eyes at her telling her  “It’s not my fault Em, she took me, I had no choice, I love you Em”  and she’ll stomp off and ignore him for the rest of the day.  That girl has attitude.

Last winter I had open heart surgery and couldn’t handle the horses, so when Emmy needed her shoes done, Frank went and got her and brought her to the tie up.  All went well until the return to the coral when Emmy decided the path Frank had chosen, which was all cleared of snow and easy to traverse, was not her chosen path.  She took off through the aspen grove, (large and small trees, very close together, snow about 3 feet deep) dragging Frank behind her like a guy in the cartoons when their body leaves the ground and their legs and feet flap behind them like a flag.  My Farrier and I just watched. Frank was panting like a sand lizard, trying to avoid being impaled by an aspen branch, trying to stop that darn horse from running headlong through the bushes.  Finally he got her stopped.  He had snow up to his waist and he was breathing hard and his hat was askew showing a little drop of blood where he evidently hadn’t ducked quickly enough.  He continued walking her back to her corral like nothing had happened.  When he returned we both asked him “why didn’t you just let go?”  He replied, “I didn’t think of that”.  We all laughed and laughed.  Needless to say, he hasn’t wished to take Emmy for a walk since that day.

Winter of 2011, Emmy foundered.  We did everything possible to bring her back.  She had surgery on her front feet to remove all the dead lamina.  Of course we haven’t ridden her but she’s done well wearing shoes with pads, until this winter when she began showing signs of soreness again.  At the last x-ray we saw that the rotation of her coffin bones was beyond help, and as expected she would not get better. Keeping her in shoes and pads, keeping her feet dry, carefully maintaining her perfect weight, making sure she ate slowly from a slow feed bag, no treats with sugar and plenty of exercise.  That has been her life.  She has been sound.  No soreness at all.  Now, that all has changed.  She’s lifting her front feet and resting on her toe.  First one foot and then the other.  She won’t walk around and is now showing some swelling from lack of exercise.  The time has come to make the decision.

Today is the day my beautiful Divine Miss Em will take her place in heaven, running with all the good horses that have gone before her.  I will miss her attitude, her head tossing, and her impatience with most anything I wanted to do.  Her sweetness, her beauty, her bossiness, her foot stomping and squealing to show her displeasure with the boys.  She will leave a huge gap in our little herd.  Who will tell the boys what to do, who will decide who stands where, who will tell a guest horse the rules of the herd.  I guess the boys will figure it out.  I know she’s brought sunshine and laughter along with frustration and annoyance into our lives.  She has taught me gentleness when what I wanted to do was spank, patience when what I wanted to do was quit, and the knowledge that a difficult horse can be your greatest teacher.

Thank you Em.  I will love and miss you always,

Your mom,



Marilynn Baker is our current NWPFHA President and also works tirelessly with PFHA.  She generously gives her time for the benefit of the Paso Fino horse and we are proud to have her as a valued member.  She may seem very quiet when you first meet her, but she's funny and talented and full of great ideas.  The following is just a glimpse of the way Marilynn sees the world. 

During my recent 6 month dental examine, my dental hygienist, Danna, and I began sharing our horse related experiences as children. We were both amazed at each other’s lack of common sense when it came to our beloved horses. The fact that I could share my stories with her while she was cleaning my teeth is testimony to her tolerance for her patients and our common passion for horses.

Of my childhood recollections that I shared with her, the following seemed most indicative of my lack of common sense! Growing up in Pasco, WA had the temperature advantage of being able to ride your horse almost 12 months out of the year. However, there were a few adaptations that seemed logical to me at the time.

One strategy that I quickly discovered was avoiding wearing blue jeans in the summer with temperatures in the high 90’s to low 100’s. Wearing shorts instead of heavy jeans made all the difference in the world! However, as a wannabe cowgirl, I refused to give up my treasured cowboy boots. Wearing boots didn’t make much sense because I rarely took the time to put a saddle on my horse. Who needs boots, if you don’t have stirrups? Right??

The two main disadvantages to wearing shorts and boots were #1, my non-horsey friends always made rude comments about the tan on my legs which extended to my mid-calf only. Frankly, I didn’t care, but I did care that #2, I was not allowed to sit down in any upholstered chair at home after riding due to the fact that the inside of my legs were covered in horse sweat and horse hair and in particular, I was not allowed to sit down to eat at the dining table in the condition described above! I quickly discovered an old metal stool in our basement. My mom graciously allowed me to sit and eat @ the table if I used this metal stool and for that I was eternally grateful! Imagine my surprise when Danna, my dental hygienist, told me that she experienced the exact same situation as a child growing up with her horses in the desert of southeastern Washington! Of course, I am looking forward to my next 6 Month Dental Checkup.



Copper Basin, August 2013 by Jan Gibson, Emmet, Idaho
Jan Gibson riding Sunny
COPPER BASIN in Idaho, nestled between White Clouds (near Sun Valley) Wilderness & Frank Church Wilderness areas. Lawrance Valdez (my trainer/friend) & his
friend, John Garro, were my riding/camping companions....and a great time we did have!! We rode rugged rocky trails through downed trees & willow choked creeks &
worked our way to the top of mountain so we could look over at the backside of the White Clouds peaks @ 11,000 ft. Then we rode for miles over the Copper Basin
valley floor where cattle were still grazing before fall roundup, with creeks/marshes running through and side canyons showing big, downed, long-dead trees felled by
avalanches & swept to valley floor. It was a rough trip in with motor homes/trailers, but oh, so worth it!  We ate & drank well, the weather was great and our Pasos were beyond wonderful!!
John Garro on BB (left) & Lawrance Valdez on Cory 


Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club: Drill Team Demonstration

By Heidi Young

The Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club in the Boise, Idaho area was founded back in 2002, as a drill team. For the next six years they gave exhibitions featuring a variety of gaited horses performing in parades, drills and demonstrations. In 2009, the drill team morphed into a gaited horse club, recognizing a need for an organization for gaited horse riders and owners. We now sponsor a variety of events including camping trips, trail rides, training clinics, and fun day competitions.

Recently we were asked to provide some entertainment at the Idaho State Drill Team competition. Many drill teams, each with dozens of riders, were competing all day long. Near the end of the day, they needed some entertainment for the crowd while the judges conferred. We rose to the occasion, resurrected the club’s drill team roots and provided some high-stepping action with some of our spanish gaited horses. I distinctly remember being asked to participate and trying to decline. I thought the big arena and crowds would overwhelm my horse. Frankly, when he’s scared; he can be really act out. But I wasn’t going to get off so easily as the response was “but he’ll look so good doing it!” Our gaited horses surely DO look good, and it seems they look good no matter what they’re doing.

Our performance began with two columns of riders coming out of the gate to Spanish-style music with guitars and a strong drum beat. You couldn’t help but want to keep a beat with the South American-inspired music. One column was led by Lawrance Valdez and the other by Sandy Young. Down the center line of the arena went our pairs of horses, splitting apart at the center of the arena to ride to the rail, then rejoining at the far end of the arena. There we came down the center line in pairs again, showing off our ground-covering gait. And around the arena we went, carving out paired circles, opposing circles, intersecting figure eights, hearts and chevron designs. We finished with a huge circle to showcase each horse and owner. The local crowd applauded loudly for each horse as they were introduced and we each felt their generosity.

Of course we had a ‘moment’ or two at the beginning of the demonstration; a horse skidding out of formation (that would be my horse) or stalling out in a corner. Most of these horses had never been in a large arena with the applauding crowds, huge banners and music coming out of the loudspeakers right above us. After a hiccup or two, things proceeded quite nicely.

We had two Peruvian Horses in our group: Liane Kerting-Vick and Phil Carroll wearing the traditional garb of a Peruvian Chalan equestrian with white shirt and pants and wide-brimmed straw hat. The rest of our 9-member group were on Paso Fino horses: Andriette Goudreau, Jan Gibson, Debby Haake, Susan Browning and Heidi Young. We wore the traditional Spanish-style black hat, black pants and white shirt and added some snazzy sequined vests.

We had lots of help getting prepared for the event. In only four practices, Paula Vanhoozer, an experienced drill team rider, drill master, and drill competition judge; coached us through our 3-minute drill pattern. Imagine our group of inexperienced drill team riders learning proper spacing, keeping a good pace, carving corners, following a very specific path. Now add the challenge of remembering 22 different parts of the pattern; all on horseback. During one practice on a particularly hot day, we lined up again to run through the routine. The music was cued up and our horses perked right up, ready to go again. I thought “wow, it sure is nice to have a horse that is so willing to go, so willing to do the work, over and over again.”

We also had Linda Hamilton, an experienced drill team rider herself. She kept us organized, coordinated and helped us look like a real team. We also availed ourselves of our local gait expert, Nya Bates. She came in and helped each of us get the best out of our particular horse with her technical expertise. It’s amazing how some small changes in our seat and hands can really bring out the best in your horse. Many other club members helped support us at this event too: Judie Daniels, Barb Recla and John Garro. Our club is full of wonderfully generous people and we all enjoyed the process.

An upcoming event will be a natural horsemanship clinic by Lawrance Valdez at the Birt arena in Nampa, Idaho on Sept 28-29. Several times a year, Lawrance comes to the Treasure Valley all the way from Rupert and holds these weekend clinics. He teaches and refines natural horsemanship skills, helping owners connect with their horses, and develop harmony and willingness. He will also be presenting at the Idaho Horse Expo in April, 2014 and will surely impress the crowd yet again as he did in 2013. Many on our drill team have worked with him and have become better horseman.

Then the club sponsors the annual Poker Ride on October 6th at Eagle Island State Park. A portion of the proceeds benefits F.O.S.H. (Friends of Sound Horses), committed to ending the abuse of gaited horses. We also donate funds to the Idaho Humane Society Rescue Ranch. Come and have some fun and help support these fine organizations this fall.

Finally, on Nov 2nd, the club sponsors a Fun Day competition, also held at Birt Arena. It will include rail classes for gaited and non-gaited horses, some extreme trail classes, lots of game events and a four-man drill class. It’s a casual competition with supportive folks out having good, old-fashioned fun on their horses.

Information about our club is at www.gaitedhorseclub.com

Jan Gibson with her 3 beautiful buckskins - Destello 4 yrs, Contessa 20 yrs, Sunny 7 yrs, oh and Jan who turns 30 this year!!

June 8, 2013  Sisters Parade, Patricia McKinney

Jim and I had fun at the Sisters Rodeo Parade this weekend. We had 5 Paso Finos, plus 2 banner carriers, and one Tennessee Walker representing NWPFHA.

June 1, 2013, Patricia McKinney

Jim and I rode today in the Deschutes County Sherrif's Posse Jacks or Better Poker ride at Skull Hollow, in Culver, Or. We had a great time. The weather was perfect and the trails were nice. We got a lot of nice compliments on our beautiful Paso Finos with the smooth ride. Pictured are Jim McKinney on Montana (Flying M Veneno) and me on Moonlight Diosa.



April 27, 2013 Clinic put on by Jim McKinney in Bend, OR

 Here are 2 photos from our recent clinic Jim put on here in Bend. The first is Jim on Flying M Veneno, and the 2nd is Judi Tolboe on Lucero learning not to spook at a tarp. There were a variety of breeds at the clinic, Paso Finos, Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers, and some non gaited horses too. Everyone had a good time, and learned something about how to desensitize their horses or how to improve their horsemanship and equitation. Jim will be having more clinics in the future, and prices to participate are low so everyone can afford to come.

Patricia McKinney


Parade America.........Jan Gibson

Parade America is one of the oldest and largest (I did not know that) parades in Idaho and is held every year in June in Nampa. The route was fairly long & meandered down one of main thoroughfares, then cut over several blocks and down a busy, but beautiful residential area where folks had a chance to watch parade from grassy spots under trees & finished close to the NNC campus. Great weather, great turnout....everyone happy!

This was Sunny's first parade & she did super, even when firetruck ran siren, but she kept close to Contessa, the ol' pro at these affairs, & a lot of time they were right in step with each other. What a fun time....thanks Lawrance.


Before the 11 mile ride!

Denyse and I have been having a Friday riding day, which I think we both thoroughly enjoy. Padre and Hunter don't get a vote in the enjoyment factor.

After the 11 mile ride!!                                                                                                 Dianna Jones


from left, Suzanne Buechler on Eco, Marilyn Bunnell on Cruiser, (Carolyn Harper) Dee Myers on Ebony, and Dianna Jones on Hunter.

The ride was April 25th at Elijah Bristow Equestian Park. Just a little South-west of Eugene, Oregon.  The only non Paso Fino is the horse in the center -- Missouri Fox trotter ridden by Carolyn Harper.  All the rest are NWPFHA members, riding Paso Finos.  It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed the scenery and weather.  We will definitely come back to ride again.

Dianna Jones

Patricia and Jim McKinney attended a "Bomb Proof Clinic" in the Bend Oregon area in April.  They had a great time and really learned a lot. There is another one coming up May 25, cost is only $25.  If you are interested in attending, contact Patricia at  pasoportz@bendbroadband.com
Talk about desensitizing!!  In April Jan Gibson attended a clinic in Southern Idaho that certainly got everyone's attention.  By the end of the clinic most participants were riding instead of leading the horse through the obstacle.  Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. To add to the confusion, the PA system played horns, train whistles and sirens.  WOW!!



Patricia McKinney

We took a weekend in September and rode from Chief Paulina horse camp at Newberry National Volcanic Monument near LaPine, Oregon. The horse camp is nice, and trails are numerous. We rode on day one up to the ----peak of the mountain, and saw awesome views of the lava flow, Paulina and Elk Lakes, and  the forest. On the second day we rode along a trail past the lava flow, obsidian flow, up through the mountains to Lost Lake which is indeed lost, as we never saw any sign of it. We then climbed through more lava flow and forest down into the pumice flats, then down and back to camp. This was a beautiful ride with lots of changes in elevation and scenery.
We just returned from Swamp Wells horse camp up off China Hat road just outside of Bend, Oregon. This camp is very private, and obviously rarely used by horses, as all but one site had plenty of bunch grass growing in the stalls. There are stalls for 20 horses, 5 sites, and lots of parking for overflow campers. The trails are numerous, and very nice, there is not a lot of deadfall in the forests like you encounter over towards the Quinn Meadows area.  We rode one trail down to Arnold Ice Cave, explored the cave and canyon, then rode back to camp. The next day we took the "Coyote Trail" and that was a beautiful ride as well. It was a long ride, 6 1/2 hours through varied terrain. There is no charge to camp at this horse camp, an added plus.
Patricia McKinney,  Bend, Oregon

Jan Gibson with Sunny on the Poker Ride

The fall riding has been super.   I took Sunny on a poker ride Saturday, Oct 20th in the Owyhee hills south of Boise. The day was crisp, but plumb enjoyable to all of the 200 riders plus, that participated. Each station where we drew cards also had a 'trail test', i.e.: car wash, etc. and we did very well, thank you!! Each test we passed, I got a 'candy treat'....Sunny had to wait until we were  back at the trailer to get hers! ha
Then on Sunday, Oct 21st there was a Lawrance Valdez clinic, hosted by Sandy Young.  We all had on coats & gloves in AM, but by lunch-time we were all out soaking up the sunshine & shedding coats. We began with a requested  trailer loading demo by Lawrance & then progressed to indoor exercises, individual horse/rider times, and finally a trip or two around the trail course in order to apply what horse & rider had learned.  I took my wonderful filly, Sera in order to acclimate her to a crowded arena  with other horses and trail objects. Sandy and I were the only two with Pasos and what a thrill to experience the progression of their learning curve and their willingness to try new things. Are all of our Pasos wonderful or what!!

Jan Gibson, Emmet, Idaho

This is Nehalem on September 21-24 2012.  These are Neila Whitney's friends, Jamie, Dick Dowdy, Teresa Hubbard, Janet Wynne and Fay and Dennis Seppala and Bruce and I.

Three days of beautiful weather and we saw ten elk in the dunes. Plan to join us next year, everybody should  come.

Liz Reed